Ah, the world of online dating. It’s a wild and wonderful place that has seen an explosion in growth over recent years. With so many sites and apps to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! But don’t worry – I’m here as your virtual wingman (or woman) with all the inside scoop on what’s hot right now when it comes to finding love online.

From Tinder for millennials who want something casual, or eHarmony if you’re looking for more serious commitment; there are plenty of options out there no matter what kind of relationship you’re after. And if you have specific interests? No problem! There are niche sites like Christian Mingle or Farmers Only – yep they really exist – plus gay-specific platforms such as Grindr and Scruff too!

But even though technology is making our lives easier than ever before when it comes to meeting new people…it doesn’t mean everything will run smoothly every time we log onto a dating site/app either insert eye roll. You still need some savvy advice about how best approach potential partners without scaring them off completely (which let’s face it happens far too often). That’s why I’m here: To help make sure your digital dates go swimmingly by offering up my expert tips based on real life experiences…because ain’t nobody got time for bad vibes only blues these days!!

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A Comprehensive List of the Top 15 Online Dating Platforms

What We’re Looking For In Dating Sites And Apps

At Online Dating Expert, we take reviewing dating sites and apps seriously. We don’t just read what other review sites have to say; instead, our team of experts spends days testing both free and paid versions of each site or app. On average, we send over 100 messages across the platforms to get a feel for how they work in real life scenarios. After that initial round of messaging is complete, it’s time for us to dive into all the features available on each platform – from matching algorithms to chat options – so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

But our commitment doesn’t end there: next up are background checks on every single user profile (yes – even if it’s a free version). This ensures safety measures are being taken by users as well as any potential scams or fraudulent activity taking place within the platform itself. And lastly? Our team also takes into account customer service support offered by these online dating services because let’s face it – no matter how great your experience may be with them initially…sometimes things happen that require help from their side too! That’s why at Online Dating Expert we offer such in-depth reviews so you know exactly what kind of quality product/service awaits when signing up with any given website or app out there today!


1. What are the best dating sites for gays?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites and apps for gays, but I think the best ones are OkCupid, EliteSingles and Grindr. They all have great features that make it easy to meet other gay singles in your area. Plus they’re free or low cost so you don’t need to break the bank!

2. What are the best dating sites for lesbians?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites and apps for lesbians, and my favorite is definitely HER. It’s got an awesome community of queer women that are really active on the app. The matching algorithm also does a great job at connecting you with compatible people in your area!

3. What are the best dating sites for transgender people?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites and apps for transgender people, and my top picks are OkCupid, Tinder Plus, and Match.com – they all have great features specifically designed to make it easier for trans folks to find the right match. Overall I think these three offer the best options when it comes to finding love online as a transgender person!

4. Which dating apps are completely free?

Tinder, Bumble and Plenty of Fish are all completely free to use. You can create a profile, swipe through potential matches and message people without having to pay anything. Hinge is also another great option if you’re looking for something more serious than just casual dating.